November 01, 2007


And, internet connection willing, the post-a-day November super-spectacular begins. I will be using random "word of the day" entries from online dictionaries for suggestions.

To enchant or bewitch

Here is the truth. I fall a little bit in love with almost every lady I meet. Whether it be their smile, their laugh, their wit or, yes, their body, I always lose a little of my heart to them.

It's tough when you're a hopeless romantic with a hyperactive imagination given to unfettered flights of fancy. A smile, a nod or even a tilt of the head can inspire a moment's indulgence of "what if" and "what then."

The DVR of my mind is then immediately clogged with little cute meetings and silly first dates, awkward moments and riotous revels and, almost always, the inevitable break-up.


That part I could never figure out.

Why the hell does every imaginary relationship that flits through my brain invariably end badly? It's like Nora Ephron writes the opening two-thirds of my daydream then sub-contracts out the last third out to, I dunno, some maudlin creative-writing goth girl who sees the world in shades of Nihilist Black and Overwrought Blacker with the occasional Ennui Blackest sprinkled in.

I guess I'm just a sucker for doomed romances.