August 27, 2007

money she come, money she go

I spent the weekend watching Incubator auditions. Luckily, there were lots of new faces and some solid 'prov to be had...and plenty of auditor bits to be had, which really makes the whole commitment of a weekend much more tolerable truth be told.

Monday morning, I landed a job. It was a follow up interview from the Starbucks job fair thingy I did last week. And it was not so much an interview as, hey, you're hired. So, I'll be your early morning barista should you stumble in bleary-eyed to the Broadway-Lawrence Starbucks (which is conveniently next to the Annoyance). Thank god, I need that money. That sweet, sweet mocha money.

Monday night, I swung out to the Armando. Afterwards, one of the folks who had audited the SC Diversity callbacks gave me feedback on my audition from a couple months ago. It was pretty much what I suspected--solid 'prov, shaky acting. They would like to see me take acting/scene study/cold reading classes and improve my acting chops before the next audition.

Bye bye sweet mocha money.